Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to add water to Bolt before using?

If you don’t, you’re gonna have a bad time.

When you receive Bolt, it is super-concentrated and 100% pure. It’s more power than you likely need. Adding water allows you to set the strength as needed for the job at hand. So if you are cleaning suede or leather, you will want a heavy dilution. Fo any delicate-type fabric, you should start off with a weak solution of Bolt and water, and add more Bolt to the water as needed.


Why don't you just sell Bolt RTU (ready-to-use/already diluted)?

We want to give you more Bolt for your dollar. The 8-ounce bottle that comes in the kit can make upwards of 1-2 quarts of shoe cleaning solution.

Another reason for not selling Bolt ready to use is that different shoe cleaning jobs require different solution strengths. For delicate material like suede, satin or leather, we recommend a a 25:1 ratio (25 parts water with 1 part Bolt). You can add more Bolt as needed to make the solution stronger. In short, you can customize your Bolt cleaning solution and tailor it to the job at hand.

Your kit comes with a magic erase sponge? I've never seen this in a shoe-cleaning kit.

Because those other kits aren’t as cool. That magic erase sponge is great for certain scuffs on soles. Dip that sponge in Bolt solution and it can also remove sap or gum off of canvas.

The goal of Bolt Shoe Cleaning Kit is to outfit you with different tools to get your shoes cleaned.

Can I use Bolt to clean suede shoes?

Yes, but make sure you dilute Bolt with water — at least 25:1 (25 parts water to 1 part Bolt). Grab a bowl, fill it with warm water and squirt a little Bolt into it. Try not to drench your suede shoes during the cleaning process. Dip the micro fiber towel into the bowl of solution and wipe/scrub only the dirty area. Suede inherently does not like liquid. That’s why we avoid wearing suede shoes in a torrential downpour.

Blot up as much of the diluted solution off of the shoe as possible by applying pressure and twisting. Use a suede brush or the Bolt brush (make sure it’s dry) and give your shoe a good brushing.

NOTE: Do not clean dyed leather or suede with Bolt or any other mainstream shoe cleaner. If you buy a pair of red suede shoes, just know that’s dyed suede, because there is no such thing as a red cow, lamb, deer or goat in nature.


I own a sneaker boutique. Do you have wholesale opportunities?

If you are a retail business and have an interest, send us an email at or call Jeremy at 970-640-1348.


When will I receive my order?

Here’s our shipping policy.